President’s Message

Dr. Yolanda R. Robles

FAPA PRESIDENT (2021-2026)

Warm greetings to all from FAPA!

First of all, I would like to thank all of our Member Associations and their officers as well as the FAPA Bureau, Section Chairpersons, Committee Chairpersons and the Secretariat for welcoming me as your new President. While my heart is saddened by the demise of our respected President, Mr. Mohamad Dani Pratomo, I have to take courage and accept the great responsibility placed upon me. The timing has been critical; I will assume my duty as President of this regional organization in the midst of a global health crisis. With that, I realized the important role FAPA has to take on to rally forward the noble mission of the organization for the pharmacists in this vast Region.

It was during the term of our late President Pratomo that a strategic planning to review the direction of FAPA was initiated. The process had considered all aspects of the organization and its environment which led to the development of a clarified vision and mission. Let me share them with you.

FAPA’s vision is to be the leading international pharmacy organization in Asia that ensures access to safe, cost-effective and quality pharmaceutical services and products to improve health outcomes for all. As pharmacists in our respective countries, our contribution to the health system is well-defined, we need to make sure that our people have access to quality medicines and services necessary for them to maintain health, and reduce illness and death. Never was there a time that we experienced a strong demand for our products and services than this pandemic. The demand for preventive and curative medicines was quite pronounced in most countries. The problems of shortage as well as irrational use of some medicines were encountered by many of us. Our role in the pharmaceutical supply chain was highlighted. With the rampant misinformation fed through the social media, pharmacists had the opportunity to rely on evidence-based resources to address issues and educate the public and other health professionals on medicines. Our role in immunization was also initiated in this Region to address the COVID-19 vaccination. Taken on as a challenge, this role can be further expanded as we deliver quality services. Truly this pandemic tested our worth as health professionals.

For its mission, FAPA will promote cooperation among member associations in the Asia-Pacific Region in advancing pharmacy practice, science, and education as well as strengthening pharmaceutical systems for the attainment of global and regional health goals of populations. The strength of a federation is dependent on the collaborative relationships with, and among its component associations. In unity there is strength. This organizational strength should ultimately manifest itself in positive health outcomes for the peoples of Asia.

It is a fact that our Region is quite diverse in terms of culture, health systems, and political structure, among others. However, we should explore the advantages of being different from one another. Sharing and learning from experiences of advancement and failures could be beneficial. Advanced countries could benefit those in the process of developing their practice, science, and education which in turn may test best practices based on their respective contexts. Pharmaceutical system is a segment in the entire health system which requires the greater involvement of the pharmacists in all areas of practice. This will require pharmacists to work side by side with their government and all other key stakeholders in the health system. We need to be pro-active in health policy-making, advocacies, and programs that will improve how medicines are managed in our countries. We need to work and collaborate with various organizations which are pursuing similar mission at the global and regional levels. We need to align with the United Nations’ (UN) Sustainable Development Goals to help address issues concerning health of the populations. Similarly, within the pharmacy profession, the International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) came up with its Development Goals which aim to transform the profession and maximize the contribution of pharmacists to health care around the globe. Regardless of the stage of development the profession is, in various countries, there is the opportunity for pharmacists to be influential and be recognized for their contributions to positive health outcomes. Indeed, we are living in an exciting, yet challenging time.

At this point, let me solicit your support and cooperation for the programs and activities that FAPA will plan with you, in support of the new vision and mission. We are planning to virtually meet with our Member Associations and Section Chairpersons so we could think together how we can move forward our profession and help our pharmacists in their varied roles in the health care system. I look forward to working with you, in the spirit of collegiality and camaraderie. May we all realize our value and do our share in improving the health of the populations in our respective countries.

I wish you all the best in your area of practice. Keep safe always.





Yolanda R. Robles, RPh, PhD

President (2021-2026)

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