The 27th Federation of Asian Pharmaceutical Associations Congress

October 24-27, 2018

Pharmacists for the Global Goals: Creating Value Beyond Health


Addressing challenges of integration and collaboration
25 October 2018

To fulfill our crucial role in safeguarding public health, enhancing regulatory collaboration is key. Learn more about the different methods, best practices in regulatory strengthening, and how Health Technology Assessment is used as a tool for policy development and program planning.


Addressing challenges of inequity and service delivery
26 October 2018

To achieve universal health coverage, access to medicines is a prerequisite. Therefore, we pharmacists play an integral part in tackling the issue of health inequity. Join the discussion and learn more about how we can close the gap through pharmacy-based services and other methods of working with patients and consumers to achieve optimum health outcomes.


Addressing challenges of discovery and evolution
27 October 2018

To create value beyond health, we continue to adapt according to the current and emerging needs of the profession, consumers, patients, and communities. Gear up to learn more about the strategic directions of the pharmacy profession in Asia towards achieving technical excellence and social relevance in the era of Sustainable Development Goals.


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