FAPA Industrial Pharmacy Section Webinar: Addressing Drug Shortage Amid the Pandemic – UPDATE: Webinar Recording Now Available!
November 19, 2021
Culturally Competent Pharmacists Can Improve Health Outcomes Among Muslim Patients
April 26, 2022



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This webinar aims to promote cultural competence among Asian pharmacists by:
1. Sharing best practices of pharmacists in ensuring the attainment of health and treatment outcomes while respecting the rights, beliefs, and religious practices of patients.
2. Discussing latest developments and clarifying misconceptions regarding halal pharmaceuticals
3. Presenting ways how pharmacists can empower patients against misinformation related to their cultural, religious, and health practices.
Target participants: All pharmacists and pharmacy educators interested to develop cultural competence especially in addressing the medication and information needs in relation to the religious practices of Muslims.
Title: Roles of Pharmacists in Optimizing Care for Muslim Patients During Ramadan
Date: April 23, 2022, Saturday
Time: 1 PM GMT+7 Jakarta Time
Certificate: Available
CPD units: Available for Indonesian Pharmacists via SIAp
Host: Indonesian Pharmacists Association (Ikatan Apoteker Indonesia – IAI) together with FAPA and its partners.
Registration: FREE, limited slots
Indonesian Pharmacists – via SIAp
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