FAPA and MPS to Host a Stakeholders’ Forum on SDP
February 25, 2017
FAPA Forum Statement on Addressing the Medication Safety Challenge in Asia through Separation of Dispensing and Prescribing
September 14, 2017

Pakistan, a country holding strategic importance on the globe, is place full of culture and diversity. The region has been engulfed by negativity owing to the last 2 decades of involvement in War against terror. Pakistan in on the growth curve, where the citizens are becoming more aware and can exercise their rights as compared to what the case was a few years ago.

In response to recent amendments in Drug Law, A group of Stake Holders in the Pharmacy Profession gathered together to hold a peaceful protest. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a peaceful event turned bloody when it was targeted with a suicide attack, resulting in casualties. The whole nation was saddened by the incident and the act was condemned locally and internationally. Later on, the protesters, shook by the incident, mustered up courage to reunite to fight for their rights. After consecutive meetings and by the tireless efforts of the stake holders, the government agreed to review the recent amendments.

Even though the event is etched by a sad incident, the success of the protest is a tribute to those who lost their lives during the fight for their rights.

Article contributed by:

Dr. Faraz Ashraf

General Secretary PPA Punjab


For more information about the peaceful pharmacists rally that ended in a tragic incident, see thisĀ Article from Aljazeera