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September 24, 2016
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October 3, 2016

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Submitted by: Ocean Wan-Hsuan Chou, Secretariat

Taiwan - Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan_1

Taiwan – Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan_1


The Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan (PST) was established on 5th July, 1942. Since then, the PST serves as a spearhead of the pharmacy world in Taiwan. We’ve involved in several revolution of pharmacists’ profession and the curriculum of pharmacy education in Taiwan.

The PST is governed by a 32-member Council, which are elected by the members every three years. Currently, Professor Jih-Heng Li, serving as the president of PST, leads the 32rd board of council. Furthermore, PST has five committees focusing on the development of different phases in pharmacy, the committee of pharmacy education, pharmacy profession, industrial pharmacy, international affairs and the development of community pharmacy.

The PST has constant cooperation with Taiwan FDA, in charge of every renewal of the Pharmacopoeia in Taiwan. The PST’s vision is to integrate the forces of pharmacy, develop all phases of pharmacy and work with other health-care professionals, in order to ensure a good health care system in Taiwan.



[FAPA Member Associations Write-Up Series]:
Since FAPA’s expending its exposure and influence in Asia, we also would like to urge our Member Associations to be aware by the region colleagues, especially in pharmacy. In these serveries, we’ve kindly request the current 18 ordinary members of FAPA to provide 100~200 write-up and also a short film (<3minutes) to introduce us again the organization, its efforts in developing pharmacy profession, and also its expectation to FAPA, to work with FAPA to this global healthcare system.


Michael Wei-Chih LIU
Michael Wei-Chih LIU
Michael Wei-Chih LIU Assistant Secretary General FAPA