Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR)
April 26, 2016

Good Pharmacy Practice

2016 International GPP training Program

The 5th GPP International Good Pharmacy Practice Training Programme will be organized again by FAPA Foundation in Taipei, Taiwan, together with Taipei Veterans General Hospital (TVGP), Taiwan Young Pharmacists Group (TYPG), and the Pharmaceutical Society of Taiwan (PST-Taiwan). The programme will starts from July 7th to 13th (for seven days).

We will offered travel grant scholarships for international pharmacists through application. The travel grant scholarships will cover a cap-reimbursement for airfare by country, and direct expense regarding the programme here in Taipei (accommodation, transportation, meals and etc.)

Also, we will continue to explore (like previous years) the possibility and continuity to recruit international pharmacy students as programmer observers together with our main target, the international pharmacists, in collaboration with regional pharmacy students’ organizations.

For any update detail, please refer to FAPA Foundation’s website:

IPA Taiwan Hospital Fieldtrip (2016)

This fieldtrip was organized by FAPA Foundation, together with our Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy Section, and also the Taipei Veterans General Hospital.  FAPA Foundation first sent invitation to Indonesian Pharmacist Association (IPA) to investigate on the possibility of developing oversea collaboration (our first oversea collaboration is with the University of Philippines Manila and the Philippine General Hospital) to be our 2nd target country.  President Nurul (IPA) had us very good response and from a team of experts to visit Taipei from Feb. 18th ~ 21st. Following programme is for the main fieldtrip on Feb. 19th and at the end of the programme we have a thorough discussion in among FAPA Foundation, IPA, Hospital and Clinical Pharmacy Section of FAPA, and the Taipei Veterans General Hospital.

For detail pictures, please refer to this article.

Community pharmacy workshop in Japan (2016)

Our Community Pharmacy Section chairperson Mr. Naoki Magaribuchi propose this Community Pharmacy Workshop which will take place in Fukuoka, Japan since our discussion on offering member associations to have chance to explore the development of pharmacy practice and implementation of Good Pharmacy Practice in the community pharmacies especially in the developed countries.

The Community Pharmacy Workshop will be a three-day programme at around middle of June. But since there’s some communication in between the local (Fukuoka) pharmacist association and the Japan Pharmaceutical Association, for offering better arrangement for us in FAPA to attend, it would take more time for Mr. Magaribuchi to develop the programme in final.

Due to limited resource, this workshop will have registration fee charge and number of registrants will be limited to two persons from each of our member associations in maximum. Should there be any update from Mr. Magaribuchi, our Bureau and member associations will be the first to be informed.

For detail picture, please refer to this article.

Asian Good Pharmacy Practice Guidelines & Regulation

Currently we are collecting Good Pharmacy Practice related guidelines and regulations from around Asia, especially from our member associations.  We not only collected, but look for translated version (English) that we could also share on this website and to our Asian colleagues.

We’ve collected:

  • Thailand
  • Korea

Should you have any original or translated guidelines and regulations to contribute, please kindly email us (  Thank you very much!