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October 5, 2016
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October 9, 2016

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Submitted by: President Joseph Wang

FAPA President_Mr. Joseph Wang (Taiwan) 2015-2018

FAPA President_Mr. Joseph Wang (Taiwan)


He was graduated from the School of Pharmacy, Taipei Medical University in year 1973 and he’s developed his career in pharmacy for his life time.  Starting from being a sales representative, hospital pharmacist, domestic pharmaceutical manufacturer, and finally set up his own Yes Chain Pharmacy.  Up until 3 years ago, he sold his chain store to Zuellig and he eventually devoted himself fully to the work for FAPA and FAPA Foundation.

His first FAPA Congress was in Bali in year 1987!  And in year 2000, he was elected as the chairperson for the Community Pharmacy Section, and then he’s started his life adventure with FAPA.  In year 2014, he inaugurated as president of FAPA and starts his new term in FAPA with rest of the Officers.  In his inauguration speech he mentioned he will make FAPA bigger, better and stronger.

During his term, he’s committed himself to focus on priority targets and these are: (1) TO MAKE FAPA BIGGER, that is to increase membership so that more countries will be influenced to pursue advancement in pharmacy education, science and practice, (2) TO MAKE ASIAN PHARMACY PRACTICE BETTER, by adopting Good Pharmacy Practices and ensuring that pharmacists contribute to the attainment of better health outcomes for patients and populations, and (3) TO MAKE FAPA STRONGER by having a close working relationship with lead global health organizations like the World Health Organization.  He also supports those programs that would address non-communicable diseases (NCDs), rational antimicrobial use, their fight against antimicrobial resistance as well as Spurious, Substandard, Falsely-labeled, Falsified and Counterfeit Medicines (SSFFC), among others.

In his belief, pharmacists have a lot to offer by providing safe, efficacious and quality medicines; promoting health and well-being of populations; promote medication adherence and proper use of medicines; and provide medication and health advice whenever patients need them.



[FAPA Bureau Write-Up Series]:
Since FAPA’s expending its exposure and influence in Asia, we need our Bureau members to be outstanding and advocate for what they really would like to make FAPA different and bring people to be more aware of us as an international leading organization in pharmacy.  In these serveries, we’ve kindly request our Bureau Members (including President, Vice Presidents, and the Secretary General) to provide 100~200 write-up and also a short film (<3minutes) to introduce their efforts which have been done or plan to be done for us in FAPA; and it is always good to hear of their vision and planning for the development of pharmacy and pharmaceutical science, for us in Asia and the world.



Michael Wei-Chih LIU
Michael Wei-Chih LIU
Michael Wei-Chih LIU Assistant Secretary General FAPA